Pricing At Your Home

Step #1 -- Pick a Service/Price

We love watching pets at our home, but we understand the value of caring for your pet in your home and neighborhood -- nothing will ever replace the stress-free environment of your home.
  1. Neighborhood Dog Walking$25 per hour, unlimited dogs per owner, 60 minutes
  2. Overnight Care: $50 per night, unlimited dogs/pets per owner, 12 hours
  3. Extended - Vacation Care: $65.00 unlimited dogs/pets, 24 hours
  4. Cat and Small Pets:  $15.00 per visit, unlimited cats and small pets, 30 minutes
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Service Descriptions

You deserve the option to customize your pet care, or to pick one of our services listed below.   All services include: food and water refills, oral or injectable medicine therapy, and litter box service.
1. Neighborhood Dog Walking ($25): Available 24/7 Monday - Sunday.  Your pooch will receive 60 minutes of contact, exercise and love. The 60 minutes of service is calculated when we enter and leave your home -- not travel time.

2. Overnight Care ($50)Available 24/7 Monday - Sunday. Based on twelve hours (e.g., 6pm - 6am), this service combines neighborhood dog walking, overnight companionship, and house sitting -- plus, lots of love.
3. Extended - Vacation Care ($65)Available 24/7 Monday - Sunday. Based on 24 hour care, this service combines dog walking, daily companionship, and short-term house sitting -- plus lots of love. 

4. Cat and Small Pets ($15): Available 24/7 Monday - Sunday. Designed to be an in/out 30 minute service, for non-dog owners only.  If you own dogs-cats and small pets, we can create a custom pricing plan.  Overnight and Extended care service options are available.    

Step #2 -- Let's Meet

We are happy to meet you and your pet in your home, at no cost.  However, for our first visit, if you feel more comfortable meeting outside your home, we welcome this opportunity.  For example, we could meet at your work or local coffee shop -- it's entirely up to you.  If we meet outside your home, without your pet, eventually, we would like the opportunity to schedule an in-home visit.

The goals of our meeting(s):

  • By meeting outside of your home, in a safe-public environment, you can spend as much time interviewing us.  We'll review our services, rates and other important documents.
  • During a person-to-pet interview, we will asses the pet's personality and energy levels.  Further, we review your pet's medical history and discuss any special needs.
  • If we agree to work together, a complete owner/pet/pet sitter profile will be created. 
  • Ultimately, we will create a service plan that best meets your needs.
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